The Sustainability Principle
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Our Guide to:

Enjoying the state of science
Conserving the potential of our prime symbols
Transcending the limitations of our ego and grand capacity for self deceit
Wiser living in greater harmony with all
Enjoying a finer sense of hope and wonder


On the wisdom of conserving the potential of our prime symbols


Tzu Lu said: "The ruler of Wei wants you to become a member of his government. What will you work on first?" Confucius said: "The correction of language use [rectification of names]." Tzu Lu said: "You don't mean it! Why should that be your first priority?" Confucius said: "If language is not used correctly, then what is said won't be understood. If what is said is not understood, then the work of the state cannot be carried out successfully. If the work of the state cannot be carried out successfully, then the rules of propriety will not be observed and music [that is, culture] will not develop. If propriety does not prevail, and if music [that is, culture] does not develop, then criminal punishments will not be imposed in accordance with justice. If criminal punishments are unjust, then the people will be disoriented in their actions. Therefore, the Chun-Tzu must see to it that language is used correctly and that what he says is carried out in practice." 


General Statement of 
the Sustainability Principle of Energy

A symbol used in acceptance of change enhances the capacity of the user to mirror reality and enjoy harmony. A symbol used in denial of change destroys the capacity of the user to mirror reality and know harmony.  



Summary Theory  

Reality is universal continual transformation or change. Human beings live a dance between acceptance and denial of both our mortality and our roles as stewards amidst transformation. The dance is complicated by our incredible capacity for self-deceit.

Symbol uses reflect the greater subliminal state of an individual or group. At the same time we can make decisions at our trace conscious levels  to employ symbol uses that transform our beings at all levels.

The Sustainability Principle of Energy is a guide founded in the great principles of physics - especially the Conservation Principle of Energy. It is also founded in the insights of ancient psychology and modern neuro-physics. These insights are crystallized into a general principle that enables us to transcend the deceits and limitations of our ego so we act in more sustainable ways.


Summary Practice  

The Sustainability Principle of Energy is an eminently practical tool that a child of ten can use. Its main requisites are some knowledge of the Conservation Principle of Energy and a sense of compassion with its associated spirit of inclusiveness, inquiry, reflection and honesty. Its practice helps keep us mindful of the great principles of physics. 

It is also a valuable psychoanalytic tool that enables us to evaluate the relative sustainability of individuals and groups by comparing the relative acceptance and denial of stewardship/change inherent in a symbol use.


Embrace the Sustainability Principle and enjoy the rewards of being a conservator of the potential of our greatest symbols.


On-going project


(A draft Cartoon Exploration of the incredible, ingenious trickery of the human ego and how it limits our sustainable use of language plus how we can transcend these limitations.)


Chapter one -Introducing the Ego

Chapter  two - The Ego and Energy

Chapter three -The Ego and Forms of Energy

Chapter four -The Ego and Potential Energy

Chapter five - The Ego and Global Warming

Chapter six -The Ego and Greenhouse World

Chapter seven - The Ego and Power

Chapter eight -The Ego and Energy Efficiency


Sept 2012

The Sustainability Principle of Energy
The Compassionate Curriculum.

(An Illustrated Essay - A brief Historical Overview)


About this Work and Updates


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